Scott is also a high calibre Artistic Director & Venue Manager with 12 years experience working within the theatre industry as a commercial producer, Artistic Director and Venue Manager.

His skills have been utilised to deliver success in a number of ventures, including his recent role within the Regal Theatre, where he brought both success and stability to the organisation. This created a platform for the theatre’s sustainable growth in future years. 

In 2017 Scott was appointed as the Program Manager at Fife Cultural Trust overseeing the events planning for four major theatres in Scotland (The Adam Smith Theatre, The Rothes Halls, The Lochgelly Centre and The Carnegie Halls).     

With a wealth of experience in artistic and management matters, as well as the creativity and ability to promote and develop new ideas. These attributes are vital for the future development of leading edge organisational performance. His qualities and achievements have been widely recognised in the form of numerous awards, and demonstrated in a number of leadership roles. He has a strong track record in all activities, and his management and leadership abilities have been recognised throughout his career.